We needed a modern solution, built with the challenges of today kept top of mind— and we found one. With Instart Logic’s APIs, we have the ability to integrate with our S3 logs, which gives us a huge advantage. But most importantly—it’s an application delivery solution that actually helps us to scale

Paul Dunham
Director of DevOps

Benefits Summary

  • Leveraged Instart Logic’s data platform to relay mobile analytics back to their enterprise customers
  • Gained insight on traffic requests, which enabled the Moovweb team to drive better business decisions
  • Switched from Edgecast to Instart Logic and immediately reduced TCO by 9%

The Challenge

You need a platform that can take BIG data and organize it in a way that allows you to scale your organization. Because Moovweb’s culture has always been one of data-driven decision making, the company soon realized that its legacy content delivery network (CDN) vendor simply could not keep up. Paul Dunham, the company’s Director of DevOps explained that not only was it “just very difficult to use, but it also could not integrate their logs with Amazon S3,” rendering it mightily inconvenient to analyze data on traffic passing through its old CDN. Simply put, the old technology was holding Moovweb back.

The Solution

With Instart Logic’s data platform, however, Moovweb discovered the ability to gain insights into specific details by analyzing users’ individual requests. “It really helps us make good business decisions,” remarked Paul Dunham, the company’s Director of DevOps. For example, the capability to look at traffic by geographical region provided crucial data on where businesses were seeing growth from the mobile POV. One customer’s traffic may be strictly domestic, while another may see tremendous spikes in Latin America.

For Moovweb, gaining access to this data and being able to integrate it with anything via APIs has aided tremendously in both capacity planning and targeting sectors for growth. As data-driven decision making increasingly becomes the paragon of good business practice, innovative companies like Moovweb have realized that services that can’t keep up will force you to move just as slowly as they do.

The Result

Driving Conversion Rates Together

Moovweb is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that transforms desktop sites into mobile-friendly, responsive sites. It allows organizations to ditch their costly properties while optimizing their mobile web content to drive conversion rates. Moovweb currently leverages Instart Logic’s endpoint-aware application delivery solution to send and analyze prodigious amounts of mobile data.

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