I would recommend Instart Logic to any organisation that has a need for a performance and security solution, particularly when they have users across desktop and mobile devices.

Nick Benjamin, Chief Technology Officer, WorldStores

Benefits Summary

  • 20% performance improvement compared to the incumbent
  • Time to document interactive - 80% improvement
  • Significant reduction in cyber attacks by up to 96% month-on-month.

The Challenge

WorldStores Group is renowned as one of the UK’s most exciting ecommerce success stories. A top retailer in the “Internet Retailer UK 500” (IRUK- 500) list, it was founded in 2008 by Richard Tucker and Joe Murray and now sells over 500,000 products. Kiddicare is listed Top350 retailer in the IRUK Top500, and Achica is listed Top500 retailer by InternetRetailing.

In November 2016, WorldStores Group was acquired by Dunelm, also a Top100 retailer in the IRUK-500 list.

WorldStores Group have an innovative and unique technology approach which powers their ability to offer next-day delivery from several thousands of suppliers without holding any stock. With over 45 million online visitors per year across their three main brands, selling over half a million products, keeping up with user expectations was always going to be high on the priority list.

Nick Benjamin, Chief Technology Officer, arrived at WorldStores Group in 2015 with a mandate to modernise the group’s technology stack. Nick and his team started looking for two separate solution providers. One was a performance solution and the other, security.

One of the first priorities to address was site performance. “Firstly, the group’s websites were falling behind in market expectations and; secondly, we found there was an increasing trend due to a rise in mobile shoppers on our sites which meant we needed to support the user experience on this channel by speeding up the mobile site.” - Nick Benjamin, Chief Technology Officer, WorldStores Group.

With mobile device shopping increasing, a significant focus for WorldStores Group was to keep customer satisfaction and “stickiness” high. “Some of the major challenges we had were around mobile and accelerating mobile. We noticed that we’re getting a lot more users browsing and purchasing goods on mobile devices. One of the challenges we had was to try and speed that up. Our current incumbent didn’t have that capability so we went out to tender for a new suitable CDN.” - Tonino Greco, Head of IT at WorldStores Group.

WorldStores Group found that their previous CDN incumbent had limitations and didn’t meet demands of scale. This ultimately led them to start off the formal tendering process to seek a new provider that was able to meet business objectives. Following the vendor’s responses, WorldStores Group established that, “Instart Logic was clearly the best partner for us,”. - Nick Benjamin Chief Technology Officer, WorldStores Group.

The Solution

Nick and Tonino had read about Instart Logic and were intrigued by the prospect of web application streaming, mobile app acceleration and an end-to-end software-defined solution. Furthermore, they needed one solution that suited both their website and mobile application delivery requirements together with comprehensive security capabilities.

WorldStores chose to implement Instart Logic’s AppSpeed Advance Performance Suite for performance improvements and its AppShield Security Suite for complete Web Application Firewall and DDOS protection.

“After talking with a range of CDN providers one of the biggest things that attracted us to Instart Logic was the ease of use, performance, and efficient way of working. An added benefit was having non-technical people be able to use the interface to make changes or adaptations according to what the business needs were,” said Tonino.

For WorldStores Group, ongoing technical support from their solution provider was important and further added value. “Instart Logic’s technical support is one of the things that is really really great about the service offering. I’ve worked with suppliers and vendors in the past both in this space and others, and Instart Logic’s support offering is one of the things that I pretty much value above all” said Nick.

By leveraging Instart Logic’s capabilities for automated on-the-fly image resizing and optimisation, WorldStores Group have trimmed significant time off their web and mobile content delivery. Nick commented: “ Image quality is one of the conversion drivers for our business so unlike traditional CDNs which either focus on static object acceleration, or actually accelerating time to delivery through network optimisation, Instart Logic’s Nanovisor was accelerating the delivery to the end client or end device.”

The Result

WorldStores has since moved all of its traffic over to Instart Logic in order to give their customers the best possible online experience and deliver the right content as quickly as possible. “One of the measurements we track quite closely is Time to Document Interactive, of which we had an improvement of around 80% once we rolled out the Instart Logic’s solution,” said Nick.

Nick further explained, “During the POC and tests, where we were running Instart Logic (in combination of other changes) on a live site, Instart Logic showed 20% improvement in performance compared to the incumbent. It also showed an improvement in error rate of around 50%.”

Instart Logic’s AppShield Security Suite solution provides Worldstores with protection across the entire application delivery path, giving unprecedented visibility into possible threats and providing the ability to mitigate against them. “Since the implementation of Instart Logic we have had a significant reduction in the number of cyberattacks we had month-by-month. Up to a 98% reduction” said Tonino.

Nick and Tonino continue to look at how technology empowers the business performance and can help drive digital conversion. “Ultimately from a customer’s experience, if they get a fast performing website they are able to interact with the site much more quickly and obviously from a business perspective, customers who are able to interact quicker, are more likely to convert. I’d recommend Instart Logic to any organisation that has a need for performance and security solution - particularly one where they have users across desktop and mobile devices.” said Nick.

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