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I’m most impressed with Instart Logic’s image compressions techniques. Our images are 500 KB to 1 megabyte with an average of 50 flows per page. Previously, a full load took 16 seconds. Instart Logic got us down to under five seconds. This is a significant gain.

Ali Khan
VP of Technology,

Benefits Summary

  • Instart Logic's image compression capabilities brought about significant gains for their rich, image-heavy site.
  • Page load time went from 16 seconds to under five seconds.
  • VIOLET GREY team feel free to fully focus on core business as Instart Logic handles website infrastructure.

The Challenge

Launching a new business is a challenge, especially in the luxury market. Quality. Perfection. Impeccable service. They’re each a must to capture—and keep—clientele.

Just ask VIOLET GREY, a luxury content and commerce beauty company launched in 2012. They have a unique niche—two, in fact. First, they offer a compelling glimpse into Hollywood beauty culture through the written word and a modern editorial lens.

Then, take that up a notch with a tightly edited curation of beauty products hand-picked by their discerning community of artists and stars. This requires top-of-the-line everything. How do they do it?

“Unlike most other online retailers, we’re very different,” says Ali Khan, VP of Technology, VIOLET GREY. “We’re very purposeful at being a hybrid of products and content. Whether you want to make a purchase or learn more about how to apply mascara for a particular look, we have what you need. We’re completely redefining the way people consume beauty.” Their online site features nearly 100 luxury brands in makeup, haircare, skincare, and gifts. Names such as Tom Ford, La Mer, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and more.

Their featured photo shoots and profiles are also standouts with the likes of Emily Blunt, January Jones, and Eva Mendes. And tips from a range of entertainment industry’s top hair and makeup artists—from Pati Dubroff and Cervando Maldonado to Jenny Cho and The Streicher Sisters—round out their offering.

“We’ve brought everything together to help women see what’s possible,” says Ali Khan. “It won’t be long before we offer men the same experience.”

The Solution

Before Ali joined VIOLET GREY in January 2015, Instart Logic was already in place, in support of their ecommerce site.

“I had never used Instart Logic before,” explains Ali. “So, of course, I was skeptical. But I changed my mind very quickly. They have a solid product and we have a great relationship.” What he noticed immediately was the Instart Logic team. “I contacted them to find out how we were using their solution and why,” he explains. “They didn’t try to convince me of anything. Just here’s the information you’ve asked for, and we’re here when you need us. They’re always super helpful and personable.”

He also appreciated the team’s responsiveness. “With other CDNs, I’m used to putting in a support ticket and waiting to hear from someone, only to get bounced around to internal support people.”

With Instart Logic, the experience has been the exact opposite. “One of our third-party advertisers was having trouble getting the images they needed through Instart Logic. Our marketing team was a bit panicked.” He opened a ticket and was pleasantly surprised with the result.

“I had thought a fix would require us up to 10 hours of paid professional services. Instead, they had it resolved within half an hour. Marketing was happy and I was, too.”

The Result

VIOLET GREY has worked with Instart Logic since October 2014. And the results have been fantastic.

“I’m most impressed with Instart Logic’s image compressions techniques,” says Ali. “Our images are 500 KB to 1 megabyte with an average of 50 flows per page. Previously, a full load took 16 seconds. Instart Logic got us down to under five seconds. This is a significant gain.”

And this is what helps VIOLET GREY convert their onsite “learners” to “buyers.” As research shows, the faster the site, the faster the conversion.

“We never have to compromise quality over size,” he explains. “This gives us a huge advantage.”

Not only can VIOLET GREY share the very best with its visitors, they’re freed up to focus on their core business. “We get to focus on the fun part—building our brand, rather than infrastructure issues. Thank you, Instart Logic.”

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