It doesn’t matter what your online price-point is in the world of ecommerce. If you’re attracting traffic, you need to be mobile friendly. And that means optimizing for a great user experience. And for us that means Instart Logic.

Carlos Moreno
CTO, Reformation

Benefits Summary

  • Switched from CloudFront to Instart Logic when traffic skyrocketed and performance became a critical focus
  • Improved mobile shopping experience to enable scalability and conversions growth
  • Page load time cut from 10 seconds to an average of just three seconds across all devices

The Challenge

An Ecommerce Cult Following Requires Change

People can appreciate a company that delivers a great product and is passionate about making a difference in the world. When it comes to the environment, few brands have truly been devoted to not just doing their part to conserve, but to adopt a greenpeace mentality in the core of its business model. Enter Reformation, an apparel retailer that built a sustainable fashion company—in a fashionable way.

It wasn’t long before they had a cult following and a growing brand. Their natural next step was to open an ecommerce store. They did just that using CloudFront. However, when they relaunched in 2014, they needed to make a switch.

“We didn’t have performance in mind. But with our new creative focus, traffic skyrocketed,” says Carlos. “Scalability was an issue—and performance was beginning to become an issue.”

The Solution

A Shopping Experience You Can Rely on

With Instart Logic on their side, Reformation has been able to super-charge their focus on mobile. Before its relaunch, mobile load time at its worst was 10 seconds. Now, load times are down to three seconds. In fact, this is their average across the board—regardless of device.

“Instart Logic is consistently taking technology changes into consideration as they evolve their features,” says Carlos. “They address problems with a different perspective. That includes the last mile, which a lot of companies haven’t paid attention to.

It makes my job easier, and I can focus our core business to help Reformation continue to grow.”

The Result

Super Charging Your Customers’ Mobile Experience

Since partnering with Instart Logic, Reformation has built an amazing mobile experience for their customers. This especially means that for the uniquely insane shopping event that is Black Friday, Reformation was able to provide its customers with frictionless, spectacular browsing and easy checkouts. “Like the rest of the industry, we had great turnout for mobile web usage during the holidays,” says Carlos. “We noticed a significant improvement, especially in mobile, which is where we are suffering the most. I attribute a lot of that to having a faster web presence.”

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