Naked Wardrobe

If you’re serious about growing and competing in the online world, forget cutting corners on your CDN. Choose the best. Choose Instart Logic.

Shirin Kaviani, CEO, Naked Wardrobe

Benefits Summary


  • Switched from CloudFlare to Instart Logic and never had to worry about another outage
  • Page load time cut in half: 4.8 seconds down to 2.4
  • SmartVision technology finds the optimal compression point for each individual image without sacrificing quality

The Challenge

When Bargain Shopping Doesn’t Pay Off

Designing edgy women’s clothing is highly rewarding and exciting. Having your site freeze or go completely down on your customers isn’t. And with the increased attention that Naked Wardrobe was beginning to receive, user experience had to be a priority.

While the explosive rise in traffic to their site was great, the freezing and outages only became worse.

“Our previous CDN, CloudFlare, was on the lower cost end and our images were crazy big,” says Shirin Kaviani, CEO of online women’s boutique Naked Wardrobe. “It was a disaster when our traffic would spike - slow load times,
outages, lost sales.”

The Solution

Sales Fly When Your Site Performs Well

April 2015, Naked Wardrobe made the switch from CloudFlare to Instart Logic.

The magic behind this boost is Instart Logic’s SmartVision technology. It automatically decides the best compression, format, and quality level for each image. This enables great images with killer performance.

For instance, what was once a 1.4 MB image with CloudFlare is now a 200 KB image with Instart Logic.

Naked Wardrobe page load times across the site are just three seconds or under. With 90 percent of their traffic on mobile devices, this is huge.

The Result

Think Long-Term When Selecting Your CDN

“We’ve been extremely happy with our experience from the very start,” says Shirin. “Before, it would take us two hours to add just a few inventory pieces on the backend, and now we can get it down within 20 minutes. When we realized that this allowed our executives to become more productive, we knew right then and there our money was being well spent.”

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