Machine Learning

Automated and Continuous Optimization

Instart Logic’s architecture utilizes machine learning to automate and continuously optimize applications without requiring human intervention or code changes. This enables the best possible user experience that automatically adapts to changes in user behavior, network conditions and devices.

Helios Technology – Discovering the Unknown Attacks

Instart Logic’s Helios Technology uses machine learning to automate security policy management. It looks into the huge volume of web access logs — web application firewall WAF and Bot Defense logs — to detect previously undiscovered anomalies that might indicate an attack. This helps security analysts by decreasing the time-to-discovery of anomalies that otherwise would be slow and difficult to find using standard semi-manual methods.

SmartVision for Image Transcoding

Instart Logic automates the optimization of images with our SmartVision technology by “looking” at each image and balancing maximum compression level with download speed. This enables our solution to deliver a highly visual user experience without compromising web performance.

> Download the white paper: SmartVision for Image Transcoding

HTML and JavaScript Streaming

Our HTML Streaming feature decreases load times by learning which HTML is static or non-unique, and which is unique, then prioritizing the delivery order, sending unique HTML afterwards in the background. Our JavaScript Streaming feature decreases load times by learning which functions are needed first and which can be deferred or are not actually used. Both features cause a reduction in the time that a user sees a blank screen, thereby improving perceived performance.