Technology Overview

Technology Overview Diagram – Instart Logic

Innovative end-to-end platform for application delivery

Instart Logic is a software company focused on solving the emerging challenges of application delivery in a mobile, multi-device, multi-cloud world. In the past, application delivery was treated as a networking and caching problem best solved with hardware scale.

The explosion of new web enabled devices, predominance of wireless networks as the ‘last mile’ connection to the Internet and surging growth in application sophistication has created new challenges to traditional solutions. As applications migrate to the cloud, the network perimeter is becoming meaningless - so application delivery infrastructure must move to the cloud as well.

Taking a continuous automated approach to application delivery is key to solving these new application delivery challenges. It’s a disruptive architectural approach that leverages machine learning to optimize modern application that are being accessed from an infinite variety of devices across wireless access networks. Shifting to a machine-driven approach provides a more automated approach to making application delivery fast, secure, and easy.

With this architecture, we have end-to-end control of the application delivery path enabling us to uniquely solve difficult performance and security challenges using advanced computer science techniques like machine learning and computer vision and to optimize network connections in innovative ways.