Technology Overview

Technology Overview Diagram – Instart Logic

The Platform for Making the Next Generation of Online Business Applications Fast, Secure, and Easy

The explosion of web-enabled devices, the predominance of wireless networks as the "last mile" connection to the Internet, and the surging growth in application sophistication have created new challenges that CDNs were simply never designed to handle. Adding features to a CDN is not enough - a new architectural approach that incorporates the best of CDN technology and modern software approaches is the only way to achieve sustainable performance improvements and to combat new security threats.

Instart Logic started with a clean slate to redesign how to solve these new challenges. Using an innovative cloud-client architecture that uses virtualization, machine learning and runtime optimizations, our platform provides you with end-to-end control of the entire delivery path. This enables us to uniquely solve difficult performance and security challenges today, while being fully agile and scalable to add new benefits over time as needs change.

Our end-to-end platform combines machine learning for performance and security with a content delivery network for delivery. It is designed for DevOps and mobile-first applications.

End-to-end Platform – our intelligent, endpoint-aware, end-to-end platform allows for complete control over the entire content delivery path and enables application virtualization for on-the-fly optimizations without performance interruptions. Our patented Nanovisor technology enables application virtualization in the browser to provide unprecedented visibility and control of application behavior.

Machine Learning – Instart Logic’s architecture utilizes machine learning algorithms to learn the intricacies of your web or mobile applications for continuous and automated optimizations, eliminating the need to solve performance issues via code changes.

DevOps - with an API-first design, Instart Logic gives you complete control and flexibility over your content, access to real-time analytics, and the ability to make updates faster.

Mobile First - Our endpoint-aware, end-to-end platform with application virtualization, runtime optimizations and machine learning capabilities, coupled with our full-featured CDN for network-level optimizations, enable us to handle increasingly prevalent mobile experience challenges.