Advanced Application and Network Acceleration for Mobile Apps

Advanced Application Acceleration

Instart Logic’s endpoint-aware machine learning platform provides benefits that go beyond traditional mobile application delivery:

  • Reduce image bytes with our intelligent, dynamic image compression system
  • Reduce request time by caching responses at the edge, accelerating dynamic responses back to origin, and reducing the number of bytes transferred.

We follow a clear and simple philosophy: sending fewer bytes = faster load times and better user experience.

Mobile Last Mile and Network Acceleration

Even the most efficiently coded mobile applications can suffer over the mobile last mile, where packet loss occurs. Packet loss causes excruciatingly long load times and buffering, which becomes severely detrimental to user experience.

Instart Logic has created a proprietary network protocol, Dynamic Packet Recovery (DPR), which is aimed at combating packet loss. Applications that incorporate our SDK can tolerate significant disruptions in the network without losing performance:

  • eliminate buffering by recovering lost data packets without re-requesting from the network
  • get real-time feedback on app performance across your user base
  • simple integration into iOS and Android apps

Using our Mobile Application Acceleration is easy!

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