Image Transcoding

Deliver the Best Image Experiences

Outputting the right image for web and mobile application delivery has traditionally required a significant amount of work, and costly time of professional staff.

By leveraging SmartVision technology, the Instart Logic service can automatically determine the best image compression, format, and quality levels for each individual image during the delivery process by understanding their unique characteristics and visual content. Organizations can now reduce their TCO by automating the image transcoding process. Furthermore, by reducing the size of image downloads, end users can start seeing images dramatically faster.

How Image Transcoding with SmartVision Works

When images are delivered via Instart Logic’s service, they are automatically sent through the SmartVision processor. SmartVision uses the latest computer vision technology to gain an understanding of each image and its unique attributes, such as the volume and distance of objects in the scene, color density, and the quality of the original image. This allows the platform to gain an understanding of the quality-of-experience curve as the image is rendered for an end user at different quality levels.

After the SmartVision technology performs this advanced image analysis, the system transcodes the image, applying the most modern encoding techniques, and determines the best quality level for each individual image, reducing the size of the image files dramatically without affecting its visual quality.