Image Adaptation

The Right Sized Image on Demand for Every Device

In a modern multiscreen world, desktops, tablets, smartphones and all the devices in between have created the need to deal with a wide variety of screen sizes and resolutions. In the past, being able to deliver the right image to the right device has required massive customized backend resizing systems with large storage requirements, and for many web properties has meant offloading resize operations to the end users' browsers with dramatic negative performance impacts. With On-Demand Image Resizing from Instart Logic, the service allows generation of just the right image size on demand for any device, as well as image cropping, filtering to grayscale or black and white, sharpening to reduce apparent blurriness, and adding a border of a specified color and size. Moving this process into our service gives you the ability to deliver just the right web experience for any device.

How Image Adaptation Works

The Instart Logic service pulls an original high-resolution image from the backend web servers and then resizes and/or crops that image on demand. Images are resized to a specific pixel size or a relative percentage of the original image. Images are cropped by a specific pixel size starting at either the image center, the centers on each side, or upper and lower corners. The system allows for control of this process via simple parameters added to the existing image requests in your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Further, the system allows for automatic scaling based on the end users' device — for example, scaling down desktop images 50% for smartphones and 75% for tablets.