Solving the Diversity Challenge

Application developers are faced with a vastly different technology landscape now versus even 5 years ago. The explosion of web-enabled devices — not just smart phones, tablets and PCs but also smart TVs, streaming boxes like Roku, gaming consoles and even connected cars and Google Glass — and competing browser implementations means a combinatorial explosion in the client-side application environment. The loss of a predictable client environment poses significant development challenges to deliver a great user experience regardless of the device capabilities.

Instart Logic’s unique client-cloud architecture and distributed software can automatically adapt application content based on each user’s specific device, browser and network conditions. Using Instart Logic’s adaptation service features, application providers can insure they are providing the best possible image for each user without penalizing performance and taking maximum advantage of browser based capabilities.

Image Transcoding

Optimize image quality, size and format for every device, every design and every browser by transcoding original source images. Image Transcoding can take advantage of our unique SmartVision technology to automatically select the best combination of file size and quality.

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Image Resizing

Enable responsive performance using our on-demand image resizing service which enables a perfectly sized image delivered just in time for every screen - from desktop to mobile, and everything in between.

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Faster load performance with an intelligent client-side storage management system that automatically places the most important application elements in higher-performance storage based on a detailed understanding of each device's unique storage performance capabilities.

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