Intelligent Image Optimization Without Tradeoffs

The best web and application experiences demand the best images. But higher quality images means increased data transfer size, which slows down loading and negatively impacts the user experience. Traditionally this has forced painful tradeoffs between providing a great visual user experience and fast performance. But with Instart Logic's Image Transcoding feature, data transfer sizes for images can be significantly reduced without compromising the visual experience, allowing your pages to display faster.

Using SmartVision, our sophisticated machine learning technology to process the images, Instart Logic automatically analyzes each image as it passes through the service to gain an understanding of each image and its unique attributes. Information collected is applied to optimize each individual image in the best possible way.

And with Instart Logic's Image Adaptation features, you can resize to a specific pixel size, a relative percentage of the original image, or a maximum or minimum dimension, crop images to a specific size from a specified location relative to the image's borders, and more, all using a simple query string API — so you only need to maintain a single high-quality copy of your images and have them automatically processed to be the best size and quality for any device.

Image Transcoding

Every image deserves to be delivered with the best quality settings, but the best setting for a landscape may not be the best settings for a portrait. SmartVision determines the optimal compression levels for individual images instead of applying a blanket compression level across all images.

New image formats such as WebP and JPEG-XR provide images that are much smaller in size while maintaining high quality. The challenge is not all browsers support these new image formats. Instart Logic identifies the browser being used and will serve different formats to different browser types, eliminating the need to make a trade off between image quality and size.

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Image Adaptation

The number of devices and browsers used to access an application is growing exponentially. To create an image optimized for each and every browser/device combination would take an inordinate amount of time; as a result, images don’t always load as intended for all users. Image adaptation generates the right image size on demand for any device with appropriate resizing and cropping.

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