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Runtime Optimizations

Accelerating Web and Application Delivery For All Users

You have less than 5 seconds to create a buyer or else risk creating a bouncer. 88% of customers will leave a slow site and never return. With the growth of mobile, getting your site to load with the best experience possible regardless of device or network is essential. Unfortunately web browsers typically download a multi-megabyte set of components (HTML, CSS, images, JavaScript) before displaying the content, which may compromise both the performance and user experience.

Instart Logic raises the bar for content delivery performance by doing what legacy CDNs can’t: sending the most important information to the browser first, while bringing down the remaining data in the background. This is made possible by combining our unique endpoint-aware application delivery architecture with a machine learning solution that learns, analyzes, and transparently optimizes each component of the application.

JavaScript Streaming

improves web performance by breaking down monolithic JavaScript into fragments and streaming the most frequently-used functions first and the remaining functions on demand

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HTML Streaming

improves performance by distinguishing between unique and non-unique dynamic HTML and streaming the non-unique dynamic HTML to the browser immediately while the personalized unique dynamic content is stitched in later

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Image Optimization

Image Transcoding using SmartVision determines the optimal output formats, compression levels, and quality levels for each image, and Image Adaptation resizes, crops, and applies other image transformations on demand for any device

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