Web Application Firewall

Cyber criminals are attacking web applications around the clock. The cost to your business and brand reputation if your application is compromised can be high. Traditional network security products leave the application layer vulnerable. Instart Logic’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects the integrity of your application by providing the most accurate and advanced cloud-based protection to ensure an always-secure online experience.

WAF Capabilities

Vulnerability Assessment, Configuration and Tuning

Our WAF provides always-on protection against the most critical web application security threats including the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities – Cross-Site Scripting, SQL injection, Slow HTTP DoS, Cross-Site Request Forgery, among others.

Using a machine learning-based approach, Instart Logic continuously learns and analyzes your application behavior to accurately configure and tune your WAF rules as new attack vectors emerge.

Monitoring and Support

Monitoring is critical to identifying and mitigating attacks in their infancy. Our WAF uses a combination of industry best practices and intelligence to proactively ensure early detection of attacks.


Understanding your traffic is a key aspect of protection for your critical applications. We provide detailed reports on security activity, incidents, and configuration updates as well as real time information via our management portal. We give you fine-grained control to view every aspect of your service top to bottom.

With Instart Logic’s WAF you can rest assured that your application is appropriately assessed, proactively monitored, and attacks immediately mitigated all from our 24x7 Security Operations Center. Our dedicated team of security experts will keep your applications protected and secured.

Managed Security Service

Our Managed Security Service leverages machine learning to combine our signature-based protection in the network with Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules and client-assisted intelligence from the Nanovisor. This allows the use of information from the Nanovisor to identify attacks that a traditional WAF cannot. With the Nanovisor, our solution can identify attacks that don’t follow the hardcoded signatures while still complementing the detection capabilities for the WAF.

Customer traffic is proactively monitored 24x7 by our Security Operations Center (SOC). We’ll notify you immediately about any potential threat, and provide dedicated and advanced security support during a potential attack.