Next-gen Content Delivery Network

A Peering-centric, Cloud Services-focused, Last-mile Architected and Mobile-first next Generation CDN

Legacy content delivery networks (CDNs) designed circa 2000 were focused on basic content delivery, primarily using massive amounts of globally-deployed hardware to provide caching and compression that helped to overcome the latency and reliability issues of the early Web.

Instart’s next-generation CDN takes a modern approach, and optimizes the delivery of content and applications for all devices across both wired and wireless networks. It consists of a global application and content delivery system that is application and device aware, cloud & peering-centric, compute-oriented, mobile-first and last-mile focused.

Our next-generation CDN is also highly automated and driven by artificial intelligence, as it’s prohibitively expensive for older, manual systems to keep up with the explosion of both applications and devices around the world they need to connect with. As a result, our next-generation CDN provides DevOps and IT teams with the ability to manage application delivery via a web-based portal or to use APIs for complete control.

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CDN Features Include: