I'm Offering To Buy Akamai Executives a New iPhone 6 - Here's Why


The old adage that a leopard can't change its spots must really be true… I was looking at a recent Akamai presentation and noticed something peculiar. Wired and wireless connections look exactly the same! I'm guessing it's because Akamai seems to think that wireless doesn't matter since "ultimately it’s going across a landline connection." I blogged about this unfortunate statement here.

(source: http://www.akamai.com/dl/investors/akamai-investor-summit-2014.pdf, page 37)

Wireless congestion has become the most significant web and mobile application delivery performance challenge today. It doesn't matter if it’s Wi-Fi or cellular. Both are subject to significant latency and throughput constraints. And unfortunately, it’s not likely to get significantly better over time, because unlike many technologies — where price/performance benefits from Moore's Law improvements — wireless is about physics. Technology cannot make radio waves perform exponentially better. Limited spectrum availability makes congestion a growing problem.

I was trying to understand why Akamai doesn't appreciate the difference between wireless and wired connections when it comes to performance when I realized: Akamai executives must be stuck with old mobile phones that don't have a browser. It's hard to understand a problem when you don't have first-hand experience.

Therefore I'm offering to bring them into the modern era and enlighten them to the joys, and challenges, of surfing the web on a mobile browser using a wireless connection.

On September 9, Apple is widely expected to announce the iPhone 6. I will buy any of the 23 Akamai executives listed on their website a brand-new Apple iPhone 6 so they can experience the mobile web in all its 4.7" and 5.5" glory.

So if you happen to meet any of the Akamai execs after September 9th and they are carrying an iPhone 6, ask them where they got it! :-)


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