Instart Logic Selected for AlwaysOn Global 250 for Its Impact to Disrupt Waiting

Corinna Krueger

AlwaysOn recognizes the new web acceleration service that Gartner says can “entirely replace the traditional CDN.”

Inclusion in the AlwaysOn Global 250 signifies leadership among peers and game-changing technologies that are likely to disrupt existing markets and entrenched players in the Global Silicon Valley.

AlwaysOn chose Instart Logic, and all the Global 250 from thousands of companies worldwide. It’s an honor to be selected. We believe that Instart Logic’s web application streaming technology will play an influential role in taking the richness and interactivity of web experiences to a higher level. Already, it is proven to boost engagement customer loyalty, and revenue. Ultimately, it will drive new revenue streams for web publishers in every industry.

Our company was created to disrupt waiting. Waiting is something that web users do badly, and the cost in lost revenue, lost customers and relationships is staggering.

Our technology was conceived from the very start to address the worst case scenario, which has become the new normal: mobile access over congested networks and a crowded Last Mile. The pressure of mobile usage on wifi networks grows by the day. Gartner has predicted that this year, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide, as sales of PCs decline with a dramatic shift to mobile devices, including tablets.

Mobile access and explosive growth in cloud-computing simply took the Internet by surprise. This is especially true in the Last Mile, where traditional CDNs have no impact. Heavier, image-laden websites and powerful but fat web applications are crowding this narrow passageway.

Disrupting the status quo

We radically improve the web user’s ability to work, play, and buy during what had been lost wait time. Our solutions do two things differently:

WHERE web application streaming changes the game

First, we enable speed where no CDN has ever delivered speed before—along the entire route from data center to each end user. Instart Logic’s technology reaches all the way to the iPad in Starbucks, to the field engineer logging in through a customer’s Wi-Fi network, and to the traveler changing flights from a Samsung Galaxy at an overburdened hot spot in JFK Airport.

HOW web application streaming changes the game

Second, our solution is unique because it intelligently splits your web application, website, and images into high- and low-priority fragments and streams them in the order they are needed. End user can start interacting before the download is complete. Our customers report increased conversions, user satisfaction and a jump in revenues.

We hope that a year from now, when AlwaysOn can look back and confirm Instart Logic was a great selection, the marketplace will say emphatically, “Web application streaming totally disrupted waiting.”