Instart Logic and Magento Partner to Power Blazing Fast & Reliable Online Stores

Samrah Khan

Small, medium, or large. Hosted, on-premise, easy-to-use, or large-scale deployment. There are a myriad of different eCommerce platform providers in the market today. But one thing is clear: having a faster, snappier eCommerce platform is crucial to our customers.

Today, we are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Magento, the leading provider of open, omni-channel innovation and eCommerce platforms.

Magento is one of the largest open-source eCommerce platform providers in the world; in fact, one out of every four businesses uses them. With the power of our application delivery platform and Magento’s eCommerce solution, we are jointly able to empower companies to deliver the fastest, most engaging omni-channel shopping experience possible, in turn driving higher conversion rates and reducing bounce rates.

Though the official partnership is just being announced, Instart Logic and Magento have several customers already using the joint solution — Ghurka, Wysada, and Naked Wardrobe, to name a few.

"If you're serious about growing and competing in the online world, forget cutting corners on your CDN. Choose the best. Choose Instart Logic." — Shirin Kaviani, CEO, Naked Wardrobe

Our endpoint-aware, end-to-end platform utilizes machine learning technology to optimize performance and security in unique and innovative ways. At the same time, we have a content delivery network underlying our patented software. Our platform sits as a proxy between the browser and the Magento origin, allowing us to dramatically accelerate and secure the delivery of content from the Magento platform to the end user. Using the Instart Logic service as a Magento customer is easy and effortless, requiring only a simple DNS configuration change.

This combined solution will help customers scale their sites to handle surges during peak times (like Black Friday or Cyber Monday) while still maintaining reliably fast performance. We also provide an added security layer to protect against malicious attacks and offload the back-end.

Given today’s world of impatient users and too many options, focusing on page load times and a more streamlined shopping experience is key. Our unique platform is also able to understand which dynamic content is similar across all users (for example, a navigation bar) and cache dynamic content closest to the end user, causing the site to begin to load almost instantly. Since shopping carts, recommendations, and other content are updated immediately, users will have a faster checkout experience on both web and mobile.

Our success continues to grow in the world of eCommerce, and this alliance is another stepping stone in the right direction.

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