Finally: From Pitch to Product

Manav Ratan Mital

Nearly two years ago, Hari, Raghu and I were invited to a VC firm to talk about the idea we were working on. Soon, we were standing in front of a partner, presenting the deck we had hurriedly put together. We started the “pitch” which followed a predictable rhythm, beginning with the problem statement, why it was important. Almost immediately into the presentation, the partner jumped in “I know how important load times are for everybody, how do you fit in?” We promptly responded that our service would benefit all types of web publishers and help them improve web experience especially for the fast growing population of users connecting to the Internet over wireless networks. “So this will be in addition to everything that Google, AT&T, Amazon, Apple, etc are doing to improve browser, platform and network performance?” he then asked, to which we answered yes. His next question was “Tell me how”.

Today, as we announce the availability of the world’s first Web Application Streaming Network, our company is both proud and excited to share with the entire world how our service works.

Our service has been designed for the new current realities and future trends for web consumption, which look very different today than it did even five years ago. An increasing number of users now access a very rich, interactive and personalized web over wireless networks. These trends have lead to unfathomable amounts of congestion in the last mile of the Internet, which degrades the user experience and which, in turn, penalizes content providers who struggle to provide their end-users with the most premium web experience. The fastest browsers, the best content delivery networks and the most efficient web servers, all must struggle in the face of this common problem, which entails downloading large web objects - images, JavaScript, CSS, Flash - over congested networks. This is precisely the problem the Instart Logic service is designed to solve. Instead of downloading web applications, it can stream them to the end-users’ browsers, thereby minimizing the time a user waits until she can experience them. This simple concept is implemented by a complex interplay of several complex techniques built using cutting edge technologies as explained in our whitepaper here.

Over the last two years, we have spoken to hundreds of web publishers, and all of those conversations affirmed for us the value of minimizing the time it takes until users can start experiencing their websites and web apps. All great web companies stay committed to user experience, making sure that their end users get a superior web experience forms the cornerstone of their business. At Instart Logic, we are completely devoting ourselves to that mission as well. We want to make sure that our customers can provide their end users a brilliant, interactive and radically faster web experience, and our product and ops teams are continuously developing innovative approaches to make that happen. Also, taking a cue from our customers’ business philosophy, our business team is also dedicated to ensuring that our users, the web publishers, get a terrific user experience from Instart Logic. Our team works hard to delight our customers. This customer-centric company culture, combined with our relentless pursuit of new technologies to improve the user experience of web applications, has been and will continue to be an important ingredient of Instart Logic’s success, which depends on our ability to make our customers successful, which in turn relies on them providing their end users a great experience.

Today, with our general availability announcement, we welcome new customers to join Instart Logic and our existing customers in this mission of superior user experiences.