It’s Time For Some Proper SaaS App Acceleration – You and Your End Users Deserve Better!

Peter Blum

The world of SaaS applications is on a tear and according to Gartner, the IT spending for SaaS is going to hit $45 billion by 2017. Being able to access business applications from anywhere in the world on any device is great for end users and increases productivity for employers. But as these users shift from using native business applications on corporate networks to web-based applications on the Internet, they have little tolerance for slow-loading views and page refreshes that can strike when conditions are not optimal.

Unfortunately SaaS providers have been underserved by traditional web delivery systems providers. These SaaS providers have been offered the same legacy content delivery technologies that were designed for static and lightly-dynamic websites. Technologies like CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are ill-equipped to deal with the highly-dynamic and totally personalized nature of modern web applications because caching is of minimal value here.

But have no fear, web application providers of the world, Instart Logic is here to help! Today we announced our latest offerings designed and optimized specifically for SaaS providers.

The benefit of our web application streaming network for SaaS applications is so dramatic you can actually see it. Below is a side-by-side video showing the speed-up provided for one of our customers, VersionOne (an agile project management platform), running with and without our service.

In VersionOne's CTO own words: "Our customers [largely developers] are intolerant of poor application performance. The challenge is that each individual has his or her own personal view of the application and relies on highly dynamic project data being updated very rapidly. Instart Logic gives our users fast, fresh updates from constantly changing projects. It improved our application performance by over 50% – something CDNs can't do." Ian Culling, CTO, VersionOne

Not only is VersionOne taking advantage of this great technology, but we are excited to talk publicly about some of the other great customers already using our technology today for speeding up their SaaS apps for their users, such as New Relic, RelateIQ, and IFTTT (If This Then That).

As part of this launch we are providing a great deal more detail around our application-intelligent technology and how it is designed from the ground-up to address the challenges faced by web-based SaaS providers. I invite you to read our new whitepaper, "Overcoming Web performance obstacle for SaaS applications," watch our webinar, "How to speed up highly dynamic SaaS applications", and take a deep dive into our SaaS-optimized features such as our Global Network Accelerator and Dynamic HTML Streaming. And of course we invite the SaaS application providers of the world to try the service for free and let you and your users see the dramatic web performance improvements we can provide.