eTail Keynote Session: High Definition Imagery with High Speed

Peter Blum

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to speak at the eTail West show about the tension and tradeoffs we see between the positive impact of using big high definition images to improve conversions on e-commerce sites and the negative impact on conversions of slow loading pages.

In the past online retailers basically had to try and choose a delicate balance between image size, image quality, and page load performance. And while they might get it mostly right on desktop sites, that balance on mobile and tablet has been poor across the industry.

This is the average response time for retail sites across devices (source Keynote Systems Dec 2013): What we see today is online retailers either providing a really slow experience with higher quality product images or, less frequently, providing a fast mobile experience with poor quality images, or no images at all. In both cases it’s not a great experience for the end users and conversions show that. In an ideal world you want nice big high quality images and fast performance.

Which image do you think would help you make a buying decision?

A recording of the session is now up for viewing. In it I include some great data from third parties around conversion impact relative to image quality and performance, and I talk about a new approach to web and mobile application delivery that lets you have both high definition imagery and high speed. No more making choices, you can have your cake and eat it too!