eTail Europe 2016 Review – The Future of Attribution, eCommerce & Website Obesity

Andrew Bartlam

eTail Europe 2016

Many thanks to all who attended a terrific eTail Europe conference in London, UK last week. There was great content in both keynotes and breakouts and, as always, a packed exhibition hall. I was fortunate enough to be able to not just provide a keynote but also received an invitation to moderate two of the track sessions.

eTail Europe 2016

The Evolution Of Attribution – Panel

The first panel covered Attribution, featuring experts from Rocketfuel, Secret Escapes, Tesco and Carlsberg Group.

The Evolution Of Attribution – Panel

As the practice of multi-channel attribution has attained a level of maturity, we are all beginning to make more accurate investment decisions across mobile, desktop, tablet and in-store. The panelists owned the interplay between these channels and were able to outline their views on managing the fluidity of budget and technology. They spoke about the weight of decisions being placed on each channel, where they were directing their marketing effort and resources to maximize ROI over the next year, and what some of the key pitfalls and challenges have been in the attribution area. They also gave some insightful tips and tricks about what works and where real impact has been seen. Ultimately, this stimulating panel demonstrated attribution will always be a challenge and will never give 100% clarity. Clearly thought-out processes and firm goals can have a big impact on attributing success to our digital marketing efforts.

eCommerce Boost – Panel

I was also fortunate enough to moderate the eCommerce panel: "Redesigning your site to boost brand image and traffic." I took to this one with relish, as Instart Logic specialises in helping organisations drive more conversion via better performance across all channels and networks. I was joined by digital leaders and visionaries from the esteemed brands of Gant, Eurostar, River Island, Farfetch and Visenze. They shared how their individual organisations are improving both design and functionality of the whole eCommerce experiences. They told the engaging audience of over 150 people how they went about the challenge of boosting their front-end brand image, traffic, search rankings and sales, with minimum back-end headache.

eCommerce Boost – Panel

Of particular interest was the relevance and maturity of A/B testing and how organisations have evolved into doing this well. Building the bridge to IT in order to increase agility (and in some cases removing IT from the picture altogether) was an interesting subject that also provoked some lively debate. As with the topic of attribution, one of the things we gained much from was the discussion of what didn't work and what challenges and pitfalls the panel had found from experience. Often it's as useful to learn from people's mistakes as it is to learn from their successes.

Website Obesity Keynote

During my keynote I embarked upon the topic of “The epidemic of web page obesity… and why it’s not all bad.” Web pages have become heavier over the years because there is simply more stuff on an average web page, such as high resolution images, personalisation, responsive design and third party applications/functionalities.

Web performance impacts your business and brand experience as you innovate to meet your customers’ demands. Consumers demand rich, contextual and dynamic content, but they demand it at speed – regardless of device type or network connection. It IS possible to have a "heavy" website and still be fast. During my session I explained how it is entirely possible, through the use of innovative technology that employs machine learning, to optimise speed and delivery across multiple digital channels, such as web, mobile and native apps. I challenged our audience to come and see how 20% faster, guaranteed, can be achieved.

Our booth traffic was huge over the next two days and we ran close to one hundred customer tests. I’m happy to say that we improved performance for every single one of those organisations.

You'll have noticed that I've simply given a brief summary here of the types of topics that came up rather than provide actual answers. That's partly in the interests of brevity, but also because I hope it will encourage you to attend eTail Europe next time to see and hear more great content.

See you at eTail Europe next year!

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