David Hsieh, New VP of Marketing: A Market Ripe for Disruption


I’m thrilled to be joining Instart Logic as its new marketing leader during what I believe to be a pivotal point in its growth. I think we’re in the midst of a transition from "old tech" to "new tech" – the domination of mega-giants like Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft is being challenged by significant technology disruptions in networking (SDN), databases (Hadoop/NoSQL) and devices (tablets/smartphones/IoT). I have enormous respect for these companies, especially Cisco, my former employer, but I also believe the New Tech revolution will give rise to the next generation of great companies.

I wanted to join a company with the potential for greatness based on a large TAM and the ability to disrupt an old tech company. Instart Logic is challenging Akamai, an old tech stalwart, with a disruptive approach to application delivery.

When I was evaluating my next career move, I was reminded of lessons I learned as an entrepreneur in residence at one of Silicon Valley’s most successful and prestigious venture capital firms. We focused on, in order:

  • team
  • market
  • product

Instart Logic has assembled an amazing team. The DNA of the company is rooted in deep computer science and the engineering staff is chock-a-block with PhDs and patent ideas. The management team comes with experience from some of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley: Google, VMWare, Facebook, Citrix, Sun etc. Our founders are exactly the kind of entrepreneurs who start great companies: visionary, smart, fearless and driven.

We’re targeting an enormous, multi-billion dollar market opportunity that hasn't seen any meaningful innovation in over a decade. I find it amazing that in a market driven by performance, most vendors won't conduct benchmarks because the underlying technology is so commoditized they'd be splitting hairs. That to me is a market ripe for disruption! It helps that the rapid rise of mobile devices, growth in application size and wireless access to networks are rendering existing content delivery networks impotent.

Lastly, our product (or service in our case) while still early in its lifecycle is accelerating mission critical applications for some of the most performance obsessed e-commerce sites in the world. Before joining I heard some of Instart Logic's customers rave about the performance gains they experienced and, most importantly, the impact it was having on revenue, customer experience and competitive advantage.

I think you'll be surprised at just how disruptive we can be. You'll be hearing a lot more from me in the future about the application delivery market, our technology and our customers. In the meantime, let me know what you want to hear about from Instart Logic by emailing me at dhsieh@instartlogic.com or twitter @dwhsieh.