4 Years and 4 Names Later

Hariharan Kolam

Earlier this month Instart Logic completed 4 years as a company. When we started writing a django app to build a website for gamers and thinking about driving traffic via social networks, we had no idea that it would ultimately grow into an enterprise product company where we would be thinking about scaling a sales organization to reach customers.

A lot of fundraising blogs we read in the early days, advised us to optimize for market, team and technology. We completely pivoted on the market, and substantially evolved our technology, but maintained a maniacal focus on building a great team and culture. We found that a great, talented and hungry team when operating in a culture of transparency, trust and teamwork, can compensate for a lot of other shortcomings and accomplish really great things. That is the exactly the kind of team and culture we have always aspired to nurture at Instart Logic.

One such great team at our company is the SDR (Sales Development Reps) team that helps us build market share by being a liaison between companies interested in knowing more about our solution and us. They function at the tip of our market development spear and help us hone our messaging, positioning and go-to-market structure. Led by Kristin, it is the epitome of a raw, talented and hungry all-star team. In their spare time, they also serve as our company ambassador at sports events. Below is a picture of three of the team members – Greg, Emily and David (L to R) rooting for the SF Giants.

Lots of things have changed in the last 4 years, but the one thing that hasn’t is our focus on culture and hiring the very best. It’s the one accomplishment I’m most proud of and I know it will serve us well for our next 4 years and beyond.

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